Kraloy Fabricated PVC Junction Boxes can be made in any size to customers’ specifications offering all the advantages of a PVC box. They come complete with a shoebox-style lid, gaskets and screws, are manufactured to NEMA 4X. (Fabricated junction boxes are not UL Listed and are not returnable)


  • Custom build to any size
  • Made from durable and chemical resistant PVC
  • Supplied with self tapping screws and gasketing for a complete package


078253SC18120662245478253218" x 12" x 6"1 EA
078254click to downloadSC1414086224547825491 EA
07899062245478990636" x 36" x 20"1 EA
078018SC48482462245478018748" x 48" x 24"1 EA
078217click to downloadSC18160462245478217418" x 16" x 4"1 EA
078951click to downloadSC16161262245478951716" x 16" x 12"1 EA
078963SC24242462245478963024" x 24" x 24"1 EA
178247JB30303062245434559130" x 30" x 30"1 EA
078863click to downloadSC16161662245478863316" x 16" x 16"1 EA
078950SC14141062245478950014" x 14" x 10"1 EA
078894SC14120662245478894714" x 12" x 6"1 EA
078895SC16161062245478895416" x 16" x 10"1 EA
078956SC24180862245478956224" x 18" x 8"1 EA
078955click to downloadSC18180862245478955518" x 18" x 8"1 EA
078880click to downloadSC24241062245478880024" x 24" x 10"1 EA
078416click to downloadSC18181062245478416118" x 18" x 10"1 EA
078802click to downloadSC1818186224547880221 EA
078971click to downloadSC24240662245478971524" x 24" x 6"1 EA
078989click to downloadSC36361262245478989036" x 36" x 12"1 EA
078926SC2418126224547892651 EA
078896click to downloadSC24241262245478896124" x 24" x 12"1 EA
078961click to downloadSC18181262245478961618" x 18" x 12"1 EA
078957click to downloadSC18180662245478957918" x 18" x 6"1 EA
078972click to downloadSC24240862245478972224" x 24" x 8"1 EA
078970SC30301062245478970830" x 30" x 10"1 EA
078949SC18160862245478949418" x 16" x 8"1 EA

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