The Kraloy JBox is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use and made to perform in the most demanding environments. Made of PVC it is extremely durable and resistant to impact in a wide range of temperatures and not adversely affected by water and chemicals. The Kraloy JBox is entirely non-metallic, eliminating corrosion concerns with screws and other metal parts and NEMA 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X, 6*, 6P*, 12 and 13 rated.


  • Fasteners are close by hand and tool assist to open and 100% non-metallic
  • Integrated Gasket is permanently fixed to the cover - no installation required
  • Molded Mounting Feet are located on corners out of the way of conduit connections
  • Built-in Gridlines create an easy reference for drilling knockouts
278307click to downloadJBX8876224544189298" x 8" x 7"1 EA
278309click to downloadJBX1212662245441886812" x 12" x 6"1 EA
278300click to downloadJBX4426224544187454" x 4" x 2"1 EA
278303click to downloadJBX6346224544191246" x 3" x 4"1 EA
278311JBX1414862245441990214" x 14" x 8"1 EA
278312JBX14141062245441989614" x 14" x 10"1 EA
278302click to downloadJBX5526224544187525" x 5" x 2"1 EA
278313JBX16161062245441987216" x 16" x 10"1 EA
278306click to downloadJBX8846224544189368" x 8" x 4"1 EA
278305click to downloadJBX6666224544188996" x 6" x 6"1 EA
278301click to downloadJBX4446224544187694" x 4" x 4"1 EA
278310click to downloadJBX1212862245441879012" x 12" x 8"1 EA
278304click to downloadJBX6646224544189436" x 6" x 4"1 EA
278308click to downloadJBX1212462245441883712" x 12" x 4"1 EA

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